WOOF demo site download

On this pages are represented files created by Duplicator plugin for informational purposes. Premium plugins versions replaced by their free versions, so if you have premium versions of them after site installing using FTP upload premium versions of the plugin in their folders and only after this action manipulate by WOOF options.

Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YL8jrSHyTZy0gw0eTrMlxiB5xMza1HtE?usp=sharing

After installation use next credentials:

  • User: woof@woof.com
  • Password: the-woof-is-here

How to install:

  • Move the two files (installer.php and something ending with .zip) into the folder you’ll want the WordPress site in.
  • In a web browser (with your server running) visit the installer.php file.
  • If everything works, you should see a wizard screen similar to the style you saw in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll need to click “I have read and accept all terms & notices.”
  • Click “Next.”
  • Here you’ll need to have a database ready. Then tell Duplicator your database name, user, and password. For me, that meant creating a new one with MAMP, but this step will vary depending on your environment. For many shared hosts, you’ll have a cPanel based “Database Wizard” to do this.
  • If it all works, you’ll see “Step 4 of 4: Test Site”. There you’ll want to click the “Site Login” button, and log in to your WordPress site using the same username and password as you have on the remote site. You should now be in a full-fledged copy of your WordPress site.
  • Make sure to clean up after Duplicator. It’ll give a helpful admin notice (a banner at the top) showing you things. If you click “Take me there now!” you’ll then be on the screen to click “2. Remove Installation Files Now!” After you do that, you’re done.